Let us create the wedding invitation of your dreams.

From pocket folds to panel cards, we can create the style you desire. We customize in the fine details of custom invitations, including lace, ribbons, bands, bows, rhinestone buckles, and more, all which are handmade in our shop in Springfield, Illinois. We offer digital printing, letter pressing, foil stamping and white ink printing. A new trend in wedding invitations is laser cutting, see the laser cutting section below for more details.

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Pocket Fold Invitations

For an organized look pocket fold invitations are the best choice to keep all the details in order. They come in a variety sizes, colors and styles. Pocket fold pricing starts at $5 each invitation suite and vary with paper and detailing you chose. Pocket fold images below.


Panel Pockets

If you like the organized look but want a more simplified style, a panel pocket is the right choice for you. These invitations are available in a variety of colors and styles. Panel pockets start at $4.50 per invitation suite and vary with paper and detailing you chose. Panel pocket images below


Folded Without a Pocket

If you love the folds but don't have the need for a pocket then consider pochette invitation or a gate fold invitation. Available in a variety of color and styles. These types of invitations start at $4 per invitations suite and vary with paper and detailing you chose. Pochette and gate fold images below.


Panel Cards and Seal & Send

If you are looking for a simple yet unique invitation we  can create a design for you. For panel cards we can keep it simple with a single layer or multiple layers. Seal and send invitation are great for any event. This one piece invitations makes it easy for your guest to reply, they just simply tear off at the perforation and mail. Both of these style invitations start at $3.50 per invitation suite and vary with paper and detailing you chose.

Front and back panel cards with attached rsvp. A clever design that keeps the rsvp and details all together as one piece. This style of invitation starts at $4 per invitation suite and vary with paper and detailing you chose.


Beyond Paper

We also offer boxed and mounted invitation. These invitations can be elegant or whimsical to set the tone of your event. The possibilities are endless! Please contact us for pricing on these styles of invitations. See the boxed and mounted images below.


PRinting Types

We offer the most popular types of printing. Letterpress is a traditional type of printing in which a die is pressed into a heavy stock with or without ink. An ink-less print sample is below, center. Foil stamping is becoming more popular today. Using a similar process to letter pressing foil is stamped onto the stock using heat, a gold foil on black is below, left. Digital white ink is a more modern type of printing and is relatively new. The process is similar to digital printing, see the sample below, right.


Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a new trend for wedding invitations. Laser cutting can be done on pocket folds, panel pockets, gate fold cards, pochettes and panel cards, in a variety of designs. We also offer laser cutting on belly band and tags as well.

Appointments are recommended to learn more about our invitations.
The most beautiful invitations, and attention to detail is extraordinary!
— Melissa B.